Peppa Pig: Bubbles Mobile

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Peppa Pig: Bubbles Mobile

Make a Peppa Pig bubble mobile to hang in your room! NOTE: Please ask an adult to help you with this craft.

Supplies you'll need:
Glue or tape
Pencil or hole punch
3 Drinking straws

1. Cut out the different shapes on the dotted lines, being careful not cut through the fold lines, since every shape will be folded in half.
2. Using a pencil or hole punch, make holes at the top of the shapes (where the little circles are).
3. Fold the shapes and glue or tape them closed.
4. Pull pieces of string through the holes at the top of the shapes and tie knots to anchor them.
5. Tie the strings to the straws as shown in the picture and you're ready to hang!

Click on the picture to print out the activity.